Fueling Young Minds with Nutritious Delights: The Kids Lunch Company - Revolutionising School Lunches Since '04


What we do

Founded in 2004, The Kids Lunch Company emerged from the desire of two parents who wanted to improve the limited and subpar lunch options provided in schools. What started as a simple desire to offer healthy and appealing meals has blossomed into an organic growth, expanding our lunch service and reach across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

True to our core beliefs, we prioritize nourishing children with balanced and enticing lunches that fuel their minds and bodies for optimal learning. Our premises are registered with Wycombe District Council, we hold a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating and our dedicated staff, who are also parents, hold valid food hygiene certificates. Join us in transforming lunchtime into a delicious and nutritious experience for kids everywhere.

Food that's fun, familiar & easy to eat, whilst providing nutritional balance & meeting dietary requirements

Supplied to schools in Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire